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    Dear visitor

    Online Games For Seniors is a safe collection site of online games popular with senior citizens of all ages, where they can enjoy themselves tremendously for thousands of hours.


    Food for the brain

    We are committed to providing safe, fun and entertaining website, with games specially loved by seniors. Here you can discover cognitive training fun with diverse exercises with numerous options and difficulty levels. Online Games For Seniors brings you brain fitness and -teasers, memory workout and exercises, focus games, logic games and so much more.



    Let's take mind and strategy games as an example; both of which keep your mind active no matter what your age. In fact, as you grow older, and less mobile, i.e. card games can be a great way to spend time companionably with your friends and fellow players.

    Attention and focus are critical skills that help us to absorb, process and memorize information from the environment. Attention is also involved in detecting and processing the details from a larger pattern, in understanding a written text and in mentally searching for a particular word or term. Attention games and exercises strengthen our brains' abilities to focus and concentrate on critical information.

    In most games on this site you will need to focus your attention, strategize, and plan ahead in order to succeed. You must also utilize your language and your working memory, localized in the left temporal lobe.

    So much hinges on our visual and spatial skills: we are able to walk, run, drive and enjoy much of the artistry in life according to our brain's abilities to decode and interpret visual information. Visual and spatial games give us the opportunity to practice and exercise these skills and help to keep us attuned to what is going on around us.

    For further information, please feel free to browse through the frequently asked questions below :o)

    Q: Who are the people behind this site?

    This is a typical wife&husband pet project; basically one of our hobbies. Neither of us are web technicians and therefore we make the most out of basic web templates and simple navigation.

    We are located in Iceland (Europe) and have three young kids that gave us the initial inspiration to gather games in this way in year 2009 and the site has grown to what it is now, mostly thanks to great contributions from our users around the world.

    Both of us work a full day job that are neither game- or web related at all, though we must mention that the head of the family (i.e. the wife:) works a lot with senior citizens, hence the site Online Games For Seniors.

    In short, we simply wanted allow others to enjoy the collections with us. We also have other web related ideas and run them all under a mother site; Play a Bit.

    Q: How frequently is the site updated?

    This site is constantly being updated with high-quality interactive online programs. It means that the site is updated several times a week, unless we are on holiday :)

    We are very selective in choosing games and always try them ourselves before publishing them, plus they must fulfill the criteria listed here on the right.

    Latest updates are presented on the front page. Use the main menu at the left hand side of the screen to navigate through the different sections.

    Q: Any privacy issues?

    We respect the privacy of all of our users and take the safety and security of senior citizens using the Internet very seriously.

    You can click here to read our full privacy policy, but here are few things we would like to highlight:

    • Online Games For Seniors will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone.
    • Online Games For Seniors does not require anyone to share any personally identifiable information to enjoy the activities on our site. That means that no registration or sign-in is required to participate.
    • Online Games For Seniors does not sell, share or rent any personal information regarding our users to any unrelated third parties, other than in an aggregate manner for statistical purposes only.
    Q: Will you offer more suffisticated translations?

    Nobs, but we are aware that the language bar at the top is a bit primitive and insufficient solution. Please consider it as a token of good will or intention, rather than anything else. We find it better than nothing. Google translator rules; it just gets better and better each day :o)


    There is more where this site came from

    For those of you who are interested in more online gaming, there are tons of possibilities out there. And actually, there are quite so many that share some resemblance to Online Games For Seniors. Try our sister site, Creative Games For Kids that is also brought to you by us at Play a Bit and find safe games where player security is a top priority.


    Please write us via e-mail or the message board if you have any questions at all. Hope you like your stay!

    - Helga & Hermann | [email protected]