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    Feel free to advert on our sites using Google Adwords. The process is in 4 easy steps that take only few minutes:

      • Choose your budget
      • Create your ads
      • Select keywords that match your ads to potential customers
      • Enter your billing information

    In order to display your ads specifically on Online Games For, click on "Select managed placements" in Step 3 above and just remember to write "" in the target url list.


    Whatch Google's video tutorial

    Other ways to advertise here

    At the moment we only support Google Adwords since it works so smoothly, plus we have used it ourselves successfully. However, we are open for discussion and good ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be in touch. All messages are answered.

    Last but not least, perhaps our link page is something that suits your needs? Link exchange is a great way of boosting traffic.

    In short, check out Google's services and/or drop us a line!


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