Seniors' open game sites, not requiering membership


  • Puzzle 4 U
    Classic brain teaser

  • Puzzle Picnic
    Where puzzle solvers and puzzle makers meet

  • Pro Profs
    Brain games, puzzles and create your own game!

  • Prongo
    A fun, interactive, and educational game site, loved by seniors

  • Puzzles
    Probably The World's Best Resource for Puzzling

  • Pzzls
    Logic puzzles and riddles, puzzling riddles, science puzzles and math puzzles and riddles

  • QueenDom
    The land of tests

  • Real Magic
    Amazing online magic tricks and secrets behind illusions

  • Slingo
    Play games, make friends, win cash and prizes, and maybe even find true love

  • Tamentaico Jigsaw Puzzles
    Japanese site with various types of jigsaw puzzles and four color problem

  • Tetris Games 4 All
    Neave Tetris, Kokoris, Fallobst, Nuclear Tetris and many more

  • The Blue Thing
    Portal for funny games, videos, pictures and optical illusion

  • The Problem Site
    Educational games and daily puzzles, interesting reference pages and fun problem solving activities

  • Thinks
    Incredible collection of free online puzzles and games

  • Token Arcade
    Flash, puzzle, sports and shooting games

  • Uni Puzzle
    Variety of puzzles!

  • Vocabulary
    Learn new words, play games that improve your vocabulary, explore language

  • Web Hangman
    This site is a home for most popular Hangman games you can play online

  • Web Sudoku
    Has grown rapidly to be the most popular Sudoku site on the Internet, visited by 100,000s of people every day

  • Y8
    Game site loved by seniors since 2006

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