Hour Maze - Fill in the numbers from 1 to 12 into a rectangular grid so that a number's neighbor is always one of the two numbers nearest to it on a clock face.


    One to Ten - Use four single-digit integers and the standard arithmetic operations to create all the numbers from one to ten.


    Zap! A math game that just might give you brain cramps. It's a sliding tile puzzle that forces you to do mental arithmetic while racing against the clock.

    Highly recommended

    Find out the truth about Monty Hall's Three Door Game by playing this game simulation!


    Fraction Concentration - Test your memory while evaluating and reducing fractions to find equivalent fractions.


    Secret Number - The computer picks a random number between 10 and 99. You must ask questions to determine what the secret number is.


    Fractional Hi-Lo - Similar to 'Hi-Lo', except that you are guessing fractions between 0 and 1. A bit more challenging, since you are dealing with both numerators and denominators!


    Subtraction Triangles is a bit like a Pascal's Triangle, except the numbers subtract to the values above them, instead of adding to the numbers below.


    Magical Squares - Place numbers in the square grid so they add up to the right sum for each row and column.