Get your guidebooks out because An American in Paris provides a splendid tour through eight of the greatest cities on earth.

    Highly recommended

    The Apprentice - Who knew serving ice cream could be so challenging?


    Memflex is a memory game with numbers!


    Memorize where each piece of Food is!


    Metro Match - The classic memory game with a twist. Match pairs of identical images before your time runs out!


    Find the Supspect starts easy, then gets more and more difficult as you find each suspect. Great memory game ;)

    Highly recommended

    In Bombs memory you will be presented with a sequence of random objects and you need to memorise them and then repeat the sequence.


    Memory Matrix - Remember the pattern to build a bigger matrix.

  offers a game designed to help you sharpen your mental skills, improve your memory, and relieve stress! It goes quickly, and is a lot of fun.


    Do what Simon says; follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can ... if you can!


    ReMemory is an unsual memory test in which you need to work through a board matching numbers and keep track of which numbers match which.


    Test your auditory memory in Orchestral Exam. Listen and memorize which sections of the orchestra play the section of the piece in which order and then click the sections in the correct order.


    Test My History - How evolved is your historical trivia thinking? Move the timeline (or timeline overview for speed) with your mouse and drag the images to the correct years.

    Embedded gameHighly recommended