[NEW] How well can you spell? Find out at Merriam-Webster in Spelling Bee Hive.

    Word Whomp challenges you to spell as many words as you can from a given set of letters before the clock runs out.

    Highly recommended

    Can you tell the word the moving letters spell? Happy Word Hunting!

    Highly recommended

    Word Master - Help the little girl escape the creepies by spelling as many words as you can! Time is running out! Can you spell your way out?


    WordConnect is a puzzle word game similar to the classic game tetris. You have to place the falling letters to form a word horizontally or vertically.

    Match a description with a name or title to earn a Citation of Merit. Topics range from Chinese culture to musicians to animals, and more. Use your encyclopedic knowledge to correctly match description-notes to title-cards.

    Highly recommended

    Can you correct the misspelled sentence from Alice in Wonderland?


    Super Letter Linker requires lightning-fast mental reflexes. It's VOCABULISTIC! Form words in all directions to propel to the next level!

    Highly recommended

    Lettermaze - Memorize the 2 words; then spell them by moving your mouse through the maze.


    WordStone - These words may be etched in stone, but that doesn't mean they can't be changed!

    Embedded game