[NEW] In Word Fission, drag and drop letters as you would in scrabble to form words, form more words faster and go farther!


    [NEW] Place your hands on the keyboard and type the words or letter on the balloons as they appear in Air Typer.

    Highly recommended

    ClockWords is a hectic word game set in Victorian London. You are a genius inventor who discovers plans for a mysterious machine that runs on the power of language. Then your lab is infiltrated by mechanical insects that have come to steal your secrets!

    Highly recommended

    Test your typing skills in Alpha Attack.


    Word Magnate is a game where you can show off your vocabulary and your typing skills. Buy words cheap and sell them expensive on a letter stock market. Be the best word broker on the letter market!


    In Semantic Wars, strategy skill is not enough. Your job is to guess words from various categories and earn some gold in this way. Next, use the gold to train warriors and defeat your enemy. Good luck solider!


    When Words Attack, our world is under attack. You are the only chance to save the earth. Rearrange the jumbled letters to blast the rocket bombs, before they hit the earth.


    Sun Stories; collect stars by typing letters inside them.


    Ready for some Speed Typing? Type the words before they reach the bottom.