Wendy starts her chain of wellness centers, and your task is to help her organize everything effectively. It is not at all easy, but the game provides useful tips and recommendations. Welcome to the colorful and challenging world of Wendy's Wellness!


    SIM Air Traffic - Can you juggle all these planes, or will your airport crash and fail?

    Highly recommended

    There's only room for one hit restaurant in this town, so keep the seats filled and edge out the competition in Diner City!


    Buy the right goods and your Box Office will be booming!


    The ultimate sushi-rolling, customer-pleasing, cash-collecting empire starts in Youda Sushi Chef!


    Hotel Haggling - It's a long road to the top, but at least there are lots of hotels! Buy hotels by clicking on them, the click again to sell them. Buy low and sell high to earn enough money to buy the massive five-star hotel.

    Embedded gameHighly recommended

    Youda Farmer - The farm and the town depend on each other, and with your help both can prosper and grow!

    Embedded gameHighly recommended

    Red Cross Emergency Response Unit - Working for the Red Cross might be the toughest job on earth. You must prioritize your tasks ... lives depend on your decisions!


    Youda Camper - Start your own campsite during a hot and busy summer season.


    7 Seas Estates - Make money by buying and selling houses!

    Highly recommended

    Get behind the awesome wheel of 40 tons of cold hard steel in American Truck!

    Embedded game