Oggy Mania is a fun twist of Tetris. Marky changes the color of the balls. Deedee swallows them up and spits them out. What is it with the Russians really?


    Remove the visible blocks in Tetrolapse and go to next level.


    Fine Blocks is a nice shooter variant on Tetris, shoot to complete lines.


    Complete 15 levels to win the Marathon.

    Highly recommended

    Cuboid 3D - Play Tetris in 3 dimensions and on 4 sides.

    Highly recommended

    Put your wits against this classic puzzler as you try and fill rows of the screen with bricks in Droptris! Now with plenty of game modes to choose from - you can play two screens at a time, or even challenge your friends!

    Embedded gameHighly recommended

    Play Tetris in a Sketch Book.


    Rally 8P - Compete against seven other opponents to reach the goal line first!


    A Prehistoric version of the good old Tetris game.


    Sprint 5P - Clear 40 lines faster than your opponent and rank up!


    Boom Box is an explosive Tetris variant. Connect 3 blocks of the same color.


    Clear 40 lines as fast as you can in Sprint.


    Space Blocks is a Tetris clone with space theme.

    Embedded game

    Battle 6P is a two minute game for against an opponent in competitive action!


    Ultra - Score as many points as you can in two minutes.


    In Fitting Pieces, you must fit all the tetris-like pieces into place. If you end up fitting the the pieces with the Light purple to form the correct shape you will win the "Super Solved".


    Survive through 20 levels of Tetris and earn as many points as you can in Survival!

    Highly recommended

    In Miniclip's version the bomb block is added where you can cut through the other blocks.


    N-Blox is an old-school action without all the bells and whistles.

    Highly recommended

    While playing Tetris 2 turn up your volume on your computer and listen to these amazing sound effects that was added to the game!