Rules for submitting games to us


    Last updated September 1st, 2009


  • No websites built using a free website service.
  • No websites with confusing layout where finding content is difficult.
  • No websites that don't welcome all traffic and have been specifically made for certain groups of people only.
  • No adult, hate, offensive or website with an environment that may be considered negative or unwelcome.
  • No adult, inappropriate or offensive links, graphic buttons and advertisements.
  • Only free websites or websites that offer a free trial for at least a month.
  • Low quality graphic and uninspiring theme.
  • Technical issues such as long loading time, specific plug-in requirements and a complicated registration process may affect ability to review the game.
  • Websites with very intrusive and big ad campaigns or lots of pop-ups will have to offer very high quality and unique content to be accepted.
  • Games with two or more pre-loading advertisements will be reviewed extra carefully.

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    - Online Games For Seniors